Our Service Extends To Odds & Ends!

Milwaukee Ceiling Fan CleaningThe Milwaukee window cleaning experts at First Klass Window Cleaning are continuously asked by clients to do jobs they, their housekeepers or maintenance staff can’t do. These types of problems can include cleaning of curio cabinets, high & large mirrors, ceiling beams & fans, recessed light bulb changing and the like.

Commercial clients also come up against many different cleaning challenges. The problem is many of these dirty or dusty areas are hard to clean but easy for customers or employees to see.

All of these challenges are no problem for First Klass. Our technicians can handle almost any out- of-the-ordinary cleaning job. Let us handle the out of the ordinary job for you.  You'll love the results.

For any unusual glass cleaning challenge, contact the Milwaukee window cleaning experts at First Klass Window Cleaning, Inc. today!