Glass Restoration Will Permanently Clear Your Glass

Sometimes windows or other glass surfaces need more than just cleaning. Our Milwaukee window cleaning specialists from First Klass Window Cleaning can restore sparkle and clarity. Hard water spots or stains on your windows or shower doors can be hard if not almost impossible for you to remove.

Our trained personnel of First Klass can provide an effective and permanent solution. First, our experts will determine the exact nature of the staining. This is an important first step because not all cleaning processes are uniformly effective. Once the origin and nature of the stain is determined, our Milwaukee window cleaning specialists will recommend a specific plan to remove it safely and efficiently.

Hard Water Window Restoration

After Hard Water Restoration ServicesBefore Glass Restoration Hard WaterMilwaukee Hard Water Glass Restoration First Klass Window Cleaning has several different methods to remove hard water stains. These generally vary based on the age and severity of the stains. Stains can be removed by a variety of processes, up to and including mechanically scrubbing the glass with Cerium Oxide based restorative compounds. Once the glass is clean, we can apply a special sealant to protect the glass from further spotting. Our specialists will clear up the white spots & haze. You'll see things clearly again with First Klass Clarity!

For expert glass restoration from Milwaukee window cleaning experts, contact First Klass Window Cleaning today.