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Professional Residential Window Cleaning in Southeast Wisconsin

Cleaning the exterior surface of your houses second floor can be a dangerous endeavor if you don’t have the proper safety training. It requires tall ladders, slippery detergents, heavy equipment, and leaning at angles that don’t bode well for people short on balance. If the sum of those dangerous factors doesn’t sound like something you feel comfortable doing, pick up the phone and call First Klass Window Cleaning, Inc. We do professional residential window cleaning on houses all across southeastern Wisconsin.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Choice

At First Klass Window Cleaning, Inc. we value and respect our relationship with the environment. When we come to clean your windows, you don’t have to feel guilty about the runoff water and possible contaminants in it. We use a five-stage filtration method to purify the water we use, making sure any excess water flowing into your property is nothing but pure H20. Water is the universal solvent, and we use it to solve your dirty window problems.

Your windows will be spot-free, guaranteed. They won’t have any static-cling or residue leftover when we finish the cleaning. All you’ll see is an unsullied version of whatever happens to be on the other side of the window when you’re looking through it.

Cleaning Odds & Ends in Southeastern Wisconsin

Window cleaning is our bread and butter, but we don’t stop there—far from it. When we give you your estimate, we ask about any other possible cleaning services you may need. Any hard-to-reach areas of your house that you’ve been meaning to clean, but the location makes you procrastinate? And recessed lightbulbs you need changed? Any ceiling fans or rafters you need dusted? Don’t fret. Chances are, we can clean it.

Contact Milwaukee window washing professionals to get a free quote on your residential home today.