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Milwaukee Window Cleaning Experts Tackle Unique Challenge

The high windows on this three-story Milwaukee home had been neglected because they were so hard to reach. After several neighbors recommended First Klass Window Cleaning, the homeowner decided to make an appointment to get a cost estimate. Our window cleaning experts came to check out the project and provided a free estimate. The homeowner was stunned by our low cost!

Milwaukee Window Cleaners Guarantee Customer Satisfaction

He approved the quote and the work schedule. Our window cleaning crew brought their equipment over to start work right away. Soon those high windows were gleaming again. Our professional window cleaners washed the inside and outside of every window quickly and thoroughly. With the utmost respect for the customer’s property, furniture and drapes were moved as little as possible and returned to their original positions afterward. At the end of the project, a careful cleanup was performed. The homeowner was thrilled with the clean windows and our hard-working window cleaners.

For the best residential window cleaning service at reasonable prices, contact the Milwaukee expert window cleaners at First Klass Window Cleaning.